Porschea Graham

International Skin Tightening Specialist

Hello, my name is Porschea and I am the proud owner and operator of Premier Fibroblast and Premier Skintight Studios llc. I am a mother of four, wife to Navy Chief and lifelong business woman, Life coach, Servicer. My Favorite question I am asked is how did I get into this? I got into this for my own purpose of lifting my right eyelid after having ptosis. After two surgeries and not getting the results I wanted and began seeking other options. Fibroblast renewal was new and seemed like a great answer for me. Sure enough, it worked after two sessions of doing it myself. I became a believer and intrigued of the body healing itself. Here I am three years later and 100% invested in natural renewal and assisting others to find there permanent with natural renewal results. Most importantly, I am proud to bring other independent woman along the journey in achieving their goals and growth towards success. Join us!

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Sarah Smith

Body Contour Specialist

Hello I am Sarah Smith. I decided to Join Premier Skintight and take on this rewarding opportunity what started to be just a job and turned into a rewarding career. I have helped already so many people in their efforts to slim. The results we have achieved have been amazing and keeps me wanting to help more. I am a mother of two and a single mother at that. I am also working on completing my teaching degree at San Diego state. This company has really helped me develop into a more independent minded person and eager to learn and grow. I look forward to meeting you and happy to help!

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