Kaylee Smith

International Skin tightening Specialist/Body Contour

Hello I am Kaylee Smith, Born in Reno, NV. Mother to 3 and a firm believer in this company; Premier Skintight that it will become nationwide one day. I am happy to be apart of the journey and honored to have an opportunity to grow my skills and career. I am inspired by this woman owned company and know that other woman can be as well, which is why I also signed up to be a recruiter for Premier Skintight Studios llc. My why is to assist people to look and feel their very best with these non - invasive options and affordable prices. I look forward to meeting all my future clients. In our Reno studio location we will offer fibroblast renewal collagen renewal, VSlender Earth wrap, and body contouring sessions. Give us a call for your private appointment.

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