Kaylee Smith

International Skin tightening Specialist/Body Contour

Hello I am Kaylee Smith, Born in Reno, NV. Mother to 3 and a firm believer in this company; Premier Skintight that it will become nationwide one day. I am happy to be apart of the journey and honored to have an opportunity to grow my skills and career. I am inspired by this woman owned company and know that other woman can be as well, which is why I also signed up to be a recruiter for Premier Skintight Studios llc. My why is to assist people to look and feel their very best with these non - invasive options and affordable prices. I look forward to meeting all my future clients. In our Reno studio location we will offer fibroblast renewal collagen renewal, VSlender Earth wrap, and body contouring sessions. Give us a call for your private appointment.

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Treatments provided by Premier Skintight are not medical treatments, nor use of medical grade equipment. Treatments are Non Invasive Beauty treatments carried out by Certified Fibroblast Skin tightening Technicians and Certified Body Contouring Technicians. No special licensing is required. Results may vary. There is a 10% minimum renewal per session. Two sessions recommended to receive more cell renewal and or tightening for treatment, as one session is the beginning process to wake up and renew cells and second session is better to assist the re birthing of cells. Non Invasive treatments are not guaranteed and in small percent of cases the body will not react. *Deals can not be combine with other deals and offers not valid with any other offers. *Premier Fibroblast website is only providing a reference to Specialist and not liable for anything that occurs outside of the website use. Please call the specialist direct with your questions and concerns.