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Premier Skintight Studios llc Cancellation Policy

Session Policies Updated 3/20/2020


We do NOT offer refunds on treatments and please read below on session fee or deposits.. All treatments should be discussed and understood prior to session. It should be acknowledged that the treatment is a Non-Invasive holistic treatment that gives your body a boost of collagen renewal in return your body does the renewing. It is not guaranteed how much improvement would be made or if any at all. We hope for at least 10% renewal per session. If a deal was given such as second session free and you choose to not get second session, there will still be NO refunds as the second session was free and you have paid for the one first session. If you paid in advance and opt of getting session, you can still get refund only within 48 hours before the session, with no exceptions. Upper lids tend to have less noticeable response than other areas unless skin is loose. If you receive Botox or Fillers you will see a different response because of the interruption of treatment. If there are any questions please ask prior. Neck area is also minimal as gravity makes for a harder renewal. Please complete recommended sessions before considering opting out of sessions as all sessions are recommended minimum two sessions to see results. We would need to see client in person to go over healing results for any reconsolidation. 

All sessions require the session appt fee $25.00 to be prepaid no later than 48 hours in advance . Groupon vouchers do not include session fee. Session fee count towards the retainer paid after appt. and there is no refund  on session fees in any matter, as they hold the appointment slot. 

Confirming appointments

If appointments are not confirmed within 48 hours of the appointment, the appointment will be cancelled and the session fee, deposit and voucher for that appointment are non refundable. As Premier Fibroblast contractor studios run strict schedules , there are people waiting for those slots. We want to be able to make space for those that are waiting. Confirmations are held with screenshot of vouchers showing first and last names (they are not redeemed during confirmation) or $25.00 session fee deducted from total cost.

Confirmations can be confirmed via text, email or verbally.


If you cancel with in 48 hours your appointment session fee and voucher, deposit or payment can be transferred to the next schedule date.

Cancellation can be confirmed via text, email or verbally.

Session payments are nonrefundable/nontransferable within 48 hours of your scheduled day/time.

Rescheduling your appointment or cancelling no later than 48 hours will require a new session payment for future visit.

Payment may be made through all major Credit Cards via Venmo, Paypal, Zelle or cash in hand.  Please download cash app for card payment. Cash also excepted during appt. Please have exact amount.

Any issues with treatment session will be addressed in a professional, courteous matter.

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